The Only Constant in Life is Change

The only constant in Life is Change

( Karl Marx )

Change is an inevitable part of life as nothing remains static. We change as we grow and mature; our environment changes; our work changes. We can do one of three things with that change.

1.    Ignore it and try to remain as we think we are

2.    Embrace it fully and go with it

3.    Explore it and then decide what we want to do with the information we gain.

Two views of the same hill – changed!!!

So – what do we do.

If we choose path 1 and ignore it – it can cause stress and anxiety due to tension in relationships both at home and at work. Everyone changes and if we don’t recognise that in others and ourselves, it can be a source of conflict.

If we choose path 2 – we can act without thought and our lives can become chaotic with lots of unfinished business. This too can lead to stress and anxiety.

If we choose path 3 – we reflect and become self aware. We can take in the new information and then think about what we want to do. Some change is worth reacting to and sometimes it may be better to wait and see what else comes along. This then allows us to take our time, not be over or under reactive; not jump from one thing to another; not create tension in our relationships unnecessarily. This path then can reduce stress and anxiety.

When change next enters your life, take your time and think.

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