Free up your Thinking!

Free up your Thinking!

When you are struggling to solve a problem or find a solution to something that is bugging you, it is time to free your thinking.

One way to do this, which is also really great for your health, is to go outside. It does not matter where you are but look at the sky, and breathe deeply.

1.  Look at the clouds. Really look.
2. Follow the wispy ones - where do they trail off to? Do they link to other clouds?
3. What colour are they? Are they all the same?
4. Are they moving? if so, at what speed? In which direction are they travelling?

Watch and look at the clouds for at least 5 minutes, but time will pass quickly as you absorb yourself in the sky, and it does not matter how long you watch. If you find yourself thinking about something else, acknowledge the thought, and let it pass. Refocus on the clouds.

Whilst you are doing this, being present and mindful, in the here and now of the sky and the clouds, your brain will be able to sort other issues to which you have an emotional attachment. You will find that solutions, options and a different perspective will appear in your thoughts, and you will be able to move your problem forwards.

Please contact me if you would like to explore this further.