Need to Change? Scared? Plan for Change!

Need to Change? Scared? Plan for Change!

Think of it like this....

A tree is a beautiful, living organism that provides habitat for birds and insects, shade for larger animals, including us humans, and joy.

However, they too grow old, become diseased, or outgrow their space - they can become dangerous.

It may have stood for over 100 years, so you worry about change. You think of all the positives that it gives, you worry about removing it, but that doubt about its safety persists. You talk to your arborist and you create a plan. You don't rush in, you take your time, think, seek advice and then act.

Change in your life is the same. You are in your comfort zone. Something may not be perfect but it is OK. Change is scary, it is unknown; but sometimes, you know it is inevitable, so what to do?

Do exactly the same as for your tree

1. Think - look at all the positives and negatives. Check it is change that is required. Then try to look at alternatives to achieve those positives you enjoy and transfer those to the new action.

2. Seek advice - talk it through with family, friends, a coach!!!

3. Create a plan - what are your timescales? Do you need training to assist in your change? Do you need more help from someone to move forwards? Do you need to sort finances first?

4.  Act...... now you will feel more comfortable in your change - however large or small.

Remember you cannot get you tree back once it is felled, but you can replace it with something that brings you even more joy!

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