A solid wall is a challenge NOT a block!

A Solid Wall is a Challenge NOT a block!

When you feel like you are facing a huge wall - it is NOT a block, it is a challenge.

Try these tips to help you move on....
1. Stop and think. Breathe deeply and just "be" with the issue for a while.
2. Distract yourself with some other activity for a while - go for a walk, get some fresh air, make a drink.
3. List all your possible options - no matter how crazy some of them may seem.
4. Go through your list and select the ones that seem most possible.
5. Talk to someone else about them - get some support!
6. Then try one of them - if it doesn't work, it doesn't matter - try another.

Remember - all the best outcomes and solutions in life are from trial and error.
You are NOT the only one!!!

Then, with the right tools, support and positivity, you will get over it!

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