My Own Blockers!

My Own Blockers!

 So we all have blocks to our thinking and actions, so here's mine!!


There - I have said it and it is out there - the relief!!

Trying to engage in a new way of doing things is a steep learning curve. There has been massive frustration, lots of running ( to get it out of my system ) and tears. Living in an area of poor internet speeds - take note government - and unreliable connectivity does not help. Now at last, I feel I am getting somewhere, still feel pretty stupid but there are a few results. So how have I got to this point?

1. Family - my children have helped me and advised me - yes a role reversal in this case!
2. Friends - many people have the skills I am trying to gain and have kindly shared their learning and experiences with me to save me some pain.
3. Running and other Exercise - when we are frustrated our bodies have a stress response, so we prepare by creating massive amounts of energy which has to go somewhere. So a good use of it, rather than taking it out on people, is exercise - then you also are doing something that does you good!
4. Humility - not being afraid to ask for help ( doesn't always come easy that one, but it is important )

There is still a long way to go, and there will be much I do wrong, but it is a start and I can be proud of that!

If you want to share your experiences and get support,  contact me