Comfort VS Challenge

Comfort VS Challenge

This is a quote from H G Wells the Time Machine.

I keep coming back to this when situations become overwhelming and scary.

Sitting in our comfort zone is nice, it's like a blanket. We don't have to try too hard and we know we can do the tasks in front of us. At times in our lives, that is exactly where we need to be. If you are struggling with major stressors in life - divorce, bereavement, moving house, empty nest, then having other aspects of your life within your comfort zone is sensible, as it help you to cope with the additional issues.

However, it is all too easy to stay there and then wonder why things are not happening!

I am way out of my comfort zone right now and it is scary! I am experimenting in lots of ways with social media to find how it may work best for me and my business. The learning curve is steep as I never engaged as a member of the teaching profession. I am also networking, going to meetings, asking people for things like never before, and some days, I just don't want to. I would rather hide than go and face the world. So, how do I  make sure I get out there...

1. Practice conversations I may have in a mirror - feels really daft, but it does mean you are not hijacked by something unanticipated.

2. Make sure I am dressed as me - there are certain expectations in some walks of life, but if you are comfortable, you will relax more and be able to make those introductions.

3. Work out exactly how I am going to get there - check times, traffic etc so I time to relax, go to the loo, have a coffee, whatever I need to do to feel comfortable. Being late and stressed is hopeless, and I would rather go home.

4. Give myself daily little challenges so I get used to what I need to do. Each day I try to talk to someone new, follow something up, re-establish a contact, go somewhere different, try a new activity, ask someone for help on something no matter how small it may seem. This makes everything start to feel within my own new comfort zone, so I can stretch myself even more.

We all look at other people and think they have it sorted - they know what they are doing and know how to get there, but most of us are like ducks on the water, smiling, but frantically paddling away.

None of us have ALL the answers, but ALL of us have SOME.

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