Decide to Decide!

Decide to Decide!

I heard this statement from Carol-Ann Reid at a talk she was giving and it really struck a note with me!

Do I want to stay on my little motorbike with my L plates, or do I want to join the big boys on their big toys?

Do I want to stay in my lovely house, but thinking something is not quite right, or do I move?

Do I want to keep saying and doing the things I have always done?

Time to decide.

It is easy to stay within my comfort zone - life is very good all things considered. I like my little bike, but not the L plates; I love my house but it doesn't work for my lifestyle etc etc

So, time to actually do something. I am getting out and about much more on my bike, making myself make the time, so that I can do my test, which just the thought of doing a test really scares me, but I want a big bike! I want to tour in the UK and abroad! I want to go further. I have put my house on the market; don't know where I want to go or what I want to do, but let's see what happens - maybe nothing, but time will tell.

I have a huge power in the choices I make every day, and just making a decision to do one thing rather than another is quite freeing. I do not know if all my decisions are the right ones, some will undoubtedly be the wrong ones, but it moves me onwards with my life. Hey, if I don't like it I can decide to stop!

I get scared, we all get scared, but that is normal. Our brains are trying to protect us from ourselves, but in doing so we become "stuck". I know that I am, right now. Stuck in some habits and patterns of thought that don't help me much, so I have decided to give them up - that's it! A decision.

So next time you are dithering, just make a decision and move on.

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