It's that Comfort Zone thing again!

It's that Comfort Zone thing again!

We all get scared at times no matter what we are doing. Our pulse rate goes up, we start to sweat, we imagine all sorts of ridiculous, and usually awful, outcomes. As a result, we do not focus properly and we find it difficult to make decisions. We revert to type and go back to old habits as we find them comforting and easier. We stop doing what makes us scared. Does this matter?

I think it does because if we keep returning to our safety nets, our world shrinks. We stop trying new things; we don't go for a promotion; we don't meet new people.

So, how can we stretch ourselves without panic?

1. Small steps - break the challenge down into smaller bits
2. breathe deeply and slowly, breathing out longer than breathing in
3. Positive self talk - we can actually do anything we want!
4. Share - talk to others about it, get support for your endeavour
5. Congratulate yourself on the steps towards the end goal - positively affirming that you are getting there.

I keep sticking myself into the climbing zone - with competent friends - each time getting to a point that I do not know why I am there - often I cry - but when I achieve it, I feel amazing, powerful and I smile for a long time. I have learnt that shouting doesn't matter - providing it is not right in my friend's ear; crying fogs up my glasses but no-one else's and I can breathe very deeply!

What else - I have learnt that I can go out of my comfort zone and enjoy the end result, even if the journey is a little dodgy, so try it!