Is Your Saddle High Enough?

Is Your Saddle High Enough?

This seems a strange question.

Out cycling the other day, I passed many ladies whose saddles were too low for them. As you can see from the photo, I used to race. I know a thing or two about bikes and to really use the muscles you have, your leg needs to be able to lengthen. I see so many women whose saddles are so low that cycling must be a struggle, and they certainly don't seem to be really enjoying it.

So what has that got to do with anything? 

Those of you who follow my blogs, will know that I have a big connection between exercise and thinking. So , funnily enough, stopping to help a few ladies, got me thinking. Why?

Many women are nervous and like to be able to reach the ground, on both sides, at the same time, with both feet. That old chestnut of comfort zones. However, you cannot cycle efficiently that way. Please bear with me, the relevance to life and work will appear! You can only cycle at a fraction of your power. Our comfort zone holds us back.

A higher saddle, means sometimes you may have to lean to reach the ground. You may wobble a bit more, and thankfully only very occasionally, you may actually fall! I know because I have. However, with practice, with faith in yourself, you can cycle faster, longer and better.

Is this what we do in life, keep our saddle too low. If we don't aim high, we may not reach our potential but we will not fall! That's not how I want to live. A bit of adrenalin is great. It motivates, it excites, it raises the stakes. I don't want to crash and burn, but that may happen. I have to take that risk. I could continue to cycle slowly, as in life, I could be OK. I could look at others and wish I had that life, or that occupation, or that house, but if I am not pushing the boundaries it will not happen. In life, you have to take a risk to achieve your potential. You have to push the boundaries. You will wobble, you will have to lean , but you will surprise yourself with the extra achievements you have. The rare crash, well, that's learning and you will improve!

My entire cycle home was mulling over the similarities between my cycling and my outlook on life. Sometimes I am a little too cautious, sometimes I may be a little reckless, but I keep my saddle high so I can experience the joy of my potential!

If you would like to chat about this, or comment, I would love your thoughts. Please share your views.