Life is NOT black and white

Life is NOT black and white.

This is a photograph by Angelica Dass as part of her Humanae Project. ( Look at to see the whole project and more of her amazing work )

When I first saw this I was blown away by how simple an idea, and yet it addresses such a complicated topic. And then I realised, it is not a complicated topic at all! We are all just people, irrespective of anything. The photograph is people on a pantone background matched to the colour of their nose. As you can see, there is no black or white!

This image has been rolling around in my head for so long now, and it popped in again at a meeting in Sheffield of the Square Peg group, discussing ethics - hardly black and white! I have been doing some work on morality - again, not black and white.

So what has all this got to do with anything? Well, we are not black and white either! I have been in a deep space in my head recently, trying to resolve some goals, meanings and purpose, getting deeper and deeper into a hole really. And then, lightbulb! Out running, this image kept floating into my head and I realised the connection. I do not have to resolve one purpose, or one goal or one deep meaning, I can have shades of them - it is not either or ! I do not need to get worried thinking "I do not know my meaning in life", because I can have lots of them. Many will be linked, but I do not have to settle on one! My life is not black and white!

This simple realisation has cleared my head and allowed me to move forwards with renewed energy and drive. So, when you are bogged down, remember it is not black or white, you can be shades too!!

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