Am I Good Enough?

Am I Good Enough?

Self - Esteem can be a great enabler or it can be a real downer. Generally I would say my self-esteem is good, but just like everyone, I get knocks along the way, and some can seem pretty difficult to come back from. So what can I do to help myself when I feel wobbly? How can I make my self -esteem better?

Many major business people have been bankrupt at some point in their life. Did it stop the? No. They got up and started again. So why is it so difficult sometimes to do that?

I have been setting up my new business recently - I decided to go it alone. This was a big step and although exciting, it has given me more than my fair share of "what ifs".

I have spent time learning new skills - setting up and writing a blog for one. However, when they haven't yielded fruit immediately I have assumed that I have done something wrong. Gone about things the wrong way. Or simply, that this is not the path for me.

Self - esteem can be described as the confidence in our ability to think, our ability to cope, confidence in being worthy, our right to be happy and successful and to enjoy the fruits of our efforts. So why has it been hampering me of late? 

I try a number of things when I feel down, exercise makes a huge difference to my general mood, but also, I know, fact, that if I don't do something then nothing will change. Therefore, I know it is no good just sitting wishing; I need to look at things again, get advice, talk to experts, give ideas time to come to fruition; I need to keep the faith in my abilities.

When things are tough and I begin to wobble, I talk to myself, "if I take more responsibility for my choices and actions today....." then finish it with things I think could make a difference.

People with high self-esteem do get knocked, but they have the resilience to keep going. As I have gone through this journey for the last six months, I have slowly realised that I have kept going; I have taken the knocks; I have taken the comments from folk who don't believe I can do this well; I have been resilient.

Recognising that makes me realise that my self-esteem is intact. Yes, it's tough and I don't feel great every single day, but I know that I will be OK. I believe in my journey and believe that it will fulfil my dreams. Wobbles are part of life, but that doesn't make it, or me, a failure.

If you trouble with self-esteem, try some of those little tricks and see what happens to your belief in yourself. 

What are your tips to improve self-esteem?

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