New Beginnings

New Beginnings

I always think of September as the time for new beginnings, must be the hangover from my long, twenty plus years teaching career. Although I often have a new year resolution, it is this time of year when I think about how I want to run my life, work, family, home etc etc.

This year I am no longer teaching, having started a new career and chapter of my life, but it still seems that September is the beginning of a new journey into the unknown, albeit one I am happy to make.

It is scary though, change. I don't know where this will take me; I don't know how bumpy the ride may be; I am not entirely sure what I am doing. One thing that is certain though, is that I am excited, properly excited, for the first time in a few years. I feel totally ready for this, whilst at the same time knowing that I am so unprepared and know very little. My brain keeps having completely contradictory thoughts, so I feel on edge - in a good way - and have loads of energy.

I question my knowledge; I question if this is the right thing; I question if I will be happy; I don't think there is anything I don't question, but that is so refreshing. I know I wasn't happy, and the excitement is bringing me joy. I know that I have the knowledge and qualifications, so I will be OK. I know it cannot be the "wrong" thing as I am looking forwards, so these are natural anxieties of the unknown.

It has made me reflect on the fact that we all need new things in our lives to generate that enthusiasm and feel alive. A little anxiety, controlled, is good as it is the adrenalin kicking in to help us on our way. We need to go out of our comfort zone to stretch ourselves and realise that we can do new and different things. It increases our resilience and self-belief.

So, this is still a time for a new beginning and I am very grateful for the opportunity to still challenge myself and see what happens. I don't know where this may take me, and that is wonderful!

If you are struggling to accept change or want to change and need some support, please contact me for a chat.