When to Get Expert Help?

When to Get Expert Help?

There are many times in life when I just plough on because I trust my own intelligence, stubbornness, tenacity and willfulness to believe that I can resolve my problems myself. However, there are equally times when I know that I need to call in an expert. So how do I know the difference? How do I know when it is money well spent, or something that with application and time I could do myself? I cannot tell you how many times I have battled, only to then get an expert, and wish I had done it sooner and vice versa.

I make my judgements on what would happen if it all goes wrong. For example; if there was an electrical problem at home and I tried to fix it, worst case scenario I could electrocute myself or set fire to the house! neither are good options, so I get an expert.

If I want to understand a piece of history, I know with investment in reading and research I can get there myself. Worst case scenario, it take a long time.

The more practical an issue, often the more likely I am to enlist help. Recently, I took my motorbike test. Without an expert instructor, I would not have passed. Money well spent. Learning a skill needs an expert to boost your confidence, watch your development and help you progress at your pace. If I have a practical IT issue, I seek advice and help. I cannot keep up with all the technological changes, developments and programs available to do stuff, and to be honest, I just want it all to work. I don't really have any interest in "how" it works.

Why am I rattling on about all this? Taking my bike test got me thinking about skills in general and life. I realised that I can waste a lot of time not doing "life" right and maybe an expert could have helped me save time and enjoy it all a bit more? Our brains are incredible computers but they can misfire, usually because we put something daft in there! I have spent a great deal of time worrying about what people think I look like. Am I too fat? Do I look old? who cares, absolutely no-one! If I had expert guidance on using my brain properly, and being more careful about what I put in it, then maybe I could have spent more time on important things. I had some coaching recently and the difference it made to my outlook on a few key things has been enormous. Calling in an expert gave me an insight into my brain that I would not have got by myself - or not for a long time anyway.

We get experts for practical things and miss them for the most important - ourselves! Maybe an expert in time could save years of trouble! I now look at things differently, and if I am struggling I seek some support, advice, help, training, whatever it is to resolve the issue - Fast!

Life is for living - not for worrying!

Let me know if this resonates with you too!