What a differene a day makes!! Changing your Perspective

What a difference a day makes! Changing Your Perspective.

I love this photograph that one of my sons took in Snowdonia. It reminds me that we can see things from many viewpoints.

I have many times realised that putting some distance between a thought and my actions can make a huge difference to how I see things. Sometimes you really do need to sleep on it - the new day changes the perspective on the issue.

We have all read the advice, and hopefully taken it, about not sending emails in anger, but to leave it a while before pressing send. We need to do this with our emotions too. My road to a new career has been a roller coaster, as everyone's is, so nothing unusual there. Some days, I seem to make huge progress, ideas come to fruition; I gain clarity on problems and find a way forwards. The next day, appears as a disaster. I get stuck, distracted, fed up; nothing quite flows; nothing quite seems right.

When I get those setbacks, it is easy to think that nothing is working. At those points, I close my laptop, leave my phone and go for a run. Fresh air, wild scenery and, as I live in the Peaks, often rain, changes my view. I am able to put everything into context. I am able to see setbacks for what they are - a chance to regroup, try a different tactic or maybe get some help and instruction. Its like that yoga class, when you think you are doing it right, until your teacher just moves part of you a tiny bit.....

When I have had those kind of days, sleep is my best friend. At night, after winding down, sleep brings a new day - full of hope, expectation and most importantly, a new perspective! We all get setbacks, that is life. It is what you do with them that matters. A new day brings renewed energy and resilience to stride onwards. I aim for more positivity than negativity, but sometimes I do need a new day to achieve that!

What are your views on changing your perspective? Let's have a chat if you struggle with it.