Trying to be a better human being!

Trying to be a Better Human!

Well I have started organising myself for Christmas after having spent a lot of time thinking about it. It needs to be different this year because life has entered a new chapter. 

I love a traditional Christmas and we have many family traditions but my children are grown and at University, one is abroad, so they have their own lives to lead, rightly, and so their time with me will be short. In fact, we will all be together after Christmas but not on the day itself. So, to avoid me being sad on a wonderful day ( I have always loved Christmas ) I recognised that I need to make new "traditions".

I also decided I wanted to be more environmental. I have tried this year with little things, so decided christmas should be too! This was easier to say than to do.

I made my own tree - from recycled wood, a recycled metal pole and a log! I am rather pleased with the result, but it is very different and I kind of miss the pine smell from a real tree. However, I feel good about it. I have got brown paper to wrap my gifts; they don't look like the image, but I have tried. I do get bored with wrapping though, have to admit it!

So, the actual gifts. I have really thought about the impact of my shopping and have tried to source gifts with a smaller carbon footprint, less plastic, avoid glitter, and be more lasting maybe. This has been quite hard, because I have always loved the fun, sparkly side of Christmas, and the silly gifts that just make you laugh. The pile under the tree does not look as Christmassy as previous years.

However, I do feel that I have tried. There is a big picture out there that I can do little to change BUT and it is a big but, I can change some of the little things. If we ALL change some of the little things, then the big picture will change too!

I have been more thoughtful; I have made more things myself; I have bought more locally; I have created much less packaging waste; I feel good!

It has actually made me more aware of myself and others in a good way. So here's to a great Christmas and more improvements next year! Enjoy it everyone.

I would welcome comments on your Christmas.