Energy Levels

Energy Levels

I guess it is to do with the time of year as much as well as other things, but I have recently had a serious energy dip! This is not like me at all, so it got me thinking.

Am I unwell, or heading to unwell? No
Am I injured or have some niggles? Yes, but not one that means I cannot do anything!
Am I upset about something? Not that I can think of.
Am I upset about someone? Upset is a strong word; people are important to me and so I do worry overly about relationships but there is nothing new in there to be a concern.

These are my usual quick questions to myself so I can sort out whatever is going on. However, when these draw a blank, deeper thought is required.

So, space needed in my head, in my schedule and from others so I can delve into those recesses in my brain to try and solve the energy dip.

When I head off into the wilds by myself , here I am near Kendal on an extraordinarily beautiful February day, no hat, no coat, no gloves... I digress... it gives me brain space. I can take in the surroundings, get out of breath on the hills, listen to the birds or the "quiet" and feel alive. It seems to suspend time a little, so you can look deeply into yourself and have a chat with your own brain for a while.

So what did I discover? I had a problem that I needed to resolve for myself. Do I stick with my current goals or do I take a slight deviation to maybe make some aspects of life a little easier? I could certainly welcome an easier existence at this point in time, BUT, and there is always a but, it comes at a cost. Am I prepared to pay the fee for that ease?

I was out for 5 hours and it took all that time to explore the issue, which took me right back deep into my values as a human being. I would have to compromise a little on one of those values to take the easier path, was I prepared to do that? As I made my way across another bog, ankles wet and tripping over tussock grass and rushes, I realised, as I always do, that I just love challenges! Compromise, no, not a price worth paying at all, not to me. So problem resolved.

This made me feel lighter, relaxed, and ready to face those challenges head on. That evening I noticed my energy levels rising, and the next day I was buzzing again.

When you know you are out of sorts, things not quite firing up in your brain and body, give yourself a talking to. Find some space to get that freedom and see what your brain comes up with. You usually find the problem and the solution, if you are prepared to listen.

Go and listen to yourself and let me know how you get on!