I took this photo in the bathroom this morning to see how many images I could create - as you can see, not that many!!



I was thinking this morning, getting ready to exercise, that I looked tired. Compared to what? I was thinking yesterday that I was not getting where I wanted to be. Compared to Who? 

We grow up with constant comparison. Where are you in class - top, middle, bottom? Where are you in being picked for sports teams? Where are you in being picked by someone to go out with? Are you attractive enough? Clever enough? Fit enough? the list goes on and on and on.

Why does this matter? Because it constantly chips away at our self esteem. The value we put on ourselves and our achievements. It really doesn't matter if they are little successes or huge ones, if they are successes to us and they make us happy, then they are worth everything, no comparison necessary. It makes no difference if someone achieves their business goals, it only matters that you achieve yours. It makes no difference if someone achieves their weight goals faster than you, as long as you make yours.

We disempower ourselves by constant comparison. People's mental health gets destroyed by comparison - you only have to see how many "celebs" are damaged by constant comparisons in the press, on Instagram and other media outlets. So why do we keep on doing it!

By nature, humans are competitive, that is how we have survived over the millenia. However, we can channel that competitiveness in different ways - join a sports group, compete with yourself and keep trying to improve. We need to learn to be happy with who and what we are. Learn to accept our progress at whatever pace that is, yes push ourselves and challenge ourselves, but we do not need to flog ourselves over it all.

Life is to be enjoyed and success will come to those who try. Treat others fairly and you will be treated fairly back, not by everyone, but hey, that doesn't matter wither. as long as you can hold your own head high, you are doing fine! Comparison is pointless and ultimately destructive, so when you feel its presence, just remember how great you really are!!

How do you deal with comparisons?