Blooming Marvellous!

Blooming Marvellous

Are you here?

But you should be here? 

I know the feeling.

I have sat back a bit over Easter and eaten too much great food and not done enough exercise. As a result, today I feel sluggish, a bit head achy and flat. Tired and lacking in energy I have struggled to raise my game.

This is all due to too much food, sugar that I do not normally eat and little fresh air and movement.

I know myself very well now and know that I need exercise every day. I get grumpy without it and I use it as a stress reliever. However, when I have not done any for a while, the habit seems to get lost and I have to really talk to myself to get out the door. Even though I know I love it!

So what is going on? Sugar is an incredibly addictive food. The more of it you eat, the more of it you want. Similarly, although it sounds odd, the more exercise you do, the more energy you have. Its all to do with the chemicals in your body that sugar and exercise cause you to metabolise.

By learning to understand your body better and understanding your mind, you can beat the gremlins that cause you to feel sluggish, stuck, grumpy and tired. Wouldn't that be great?

If you never had to really worry about them because you always knew how to beat them when you needed to. I have those times when I really indulge, like Easter. Meals with good friends and family; late nights; poor routines and so on. But, they are life! You have to enjoy life and you ought to share it with good people. That is what makes me smile. So spending some time to learn to know myself has made a huge difference to me.

I can enjoy myself without the worry and guilt.

You can do it too, with a little time spend understanding yourself. I can help you do that. Message me if this resonates.

You too can be Blooming Marvellous!