Just recently I have been pondering on chaos and the ways it manifests itself!

I saw a film in which people lives were so chaotic, not of their own doing. War, poverty, lack of hygiene, food, medicine and amenities had led to life being very hard and basic. People did what they needed to do to survive; it was certainly not what I could call living.

It made me feel overwhelmed with sadness and hopelessness. It felt traumatising to watch.

However, as I began to reflect and absorb the messages, there was lots of hope - all in the little acts of kindness that people did for each other, when all around was hard and unforgiving. A smile, friendship, sharing what little they had, but most of all sharing hope!

Its such a small word, but so powerful. Without it all is lost; with it all is to be gained.

I felt helpless, thinking "what can I do?" "How do you begin to change that?"

Then I realised, of course, that I can do a lot! By ensuring that I take part in meaningful work, helping others even in a small way, ensures that not everyone's lives have to be lived in desperation.

I help others realise their own potential and act on it - that's massive really. If we can help others to see they have ability; they have choices; they have meaning, then they can live out their lives positively and with dignity. That is what I do.

It has made me realise, yet again, why I do what I do, but also, that chaos is not all bad. Out of chaos can come order and beauty and passion and meaning. We all just need to do our little bit to help others find their route our of chaos. However small our deed, it all makes a huge difference.

Let me know your thoughts......