New Beginnings

New Beginnings!

Haven't written a blog for a while - been busy, been distracted - not good enough!

As we approach the start of a new academic year, so children heading back to school and university, it is often a time of reflection for us all. So what am I musing on at the moment.....

I have spent the summer taking energy ( fitness ) out of my metaphorical energy bank, so it is time to put some back. Time to think what new goals for the autumn do I want to achieve and how will I do it!

So, been mountain biking again - very hard in this heat - so good training - putting energy into the bank - although, I have to admit, it has been great fun. The views have been to die for.

Ran today - aarghhhh - very hot, but again, training in the bank. Easy to sit back, glass of water in hand and think it is not the right weather to go running. BUT, I could say it is never the right weather to go running. Too hot, too cold, too wet, too slippery, etc etc. I have been running in awful weather most of the time so a bit of sun is rather nice!

So, training has started for next years adventures. Doing it right means it is also fun as I can see  improvements which inspire; I see countryside, which motivates and brings joy; I sleep better, which brings peace and allows me to work well; it brings health benefits which bring happiness. So it's actually not that bad!

Now I need to think about the other things I wish to start, renew, reengage with and challenge myself over. Whatever it is you want to achieve, the BIG thing is to start! Anything is better than nothing. To try, is to slowly bring benefits and success. It will never be the perfect time or the perfect conditions, so just get on with it. NOW is the PERFECT TIME!

If you want to discuss goals, challenges, motivation or anything, just call!